Webinar on Understanding Fiscal Policy

During this session, we discussed how the government taxes and spends as well as some useful research relating to this year’s Leaving Cert Economics project. For the first time ever, Irish economics students in secondary school are being tasked with taking on the role of a practising economist and this will represent 20% of their Read more about Webinar on Understanding Fiscal Policy[…]

How much does it cost to change money from euro to another currency?

Listen to this post as a podcast. If you go on holiday to Spain or Portugal, you can use euros to buy goods and services. However, when you go to the UK or China, then you will need the currency that they use in their respective country. In order to get notes or coins, you Read more about How much does it cost to change money from euro to another currency?[…]

Positive Economics New Leaving Certificate Economics Specification

Introduction to Positive Economics

Economic literacy You are at an exciting stage, where the study you do now will have an impact on the rest of your life. Economics is a subject that will give you a different perspective on how you view the world. It enables you to develop skills, knowledge and values that are relevant to your Read more about Introduction to Positive Economics[…]